Fitting a Front Lead Harness

How to fit your Front Lead Harness


  •                   Adjust the girth (belly) strap first – this keeps the chest strap high on the chest, a low chest strap will interfere with your dog’s front legs and be uncomfortable.
  •                     The girth strap should be firm, (room for one finger), while the chest strap should fall naturally in the correct position across the chest and does not need to be tight. A common mistake is to tighten the chest strap too much so that it pulls the girth straps into the dog's armpits.
  •                    Make sure that the chest strap is perpendicular to the belly/back strap and that the chest strap meets the belly/back strap in the middle of the dog's body. The belly/back strap should be straight up and down. The diagram above should help you to get the right fit. If you are getting more of a Y shape, it means you need to loosen the chest strap and tighten the belly strap and/or shoulder strap.




Chest Strap - Measure from just behind the right front leg (where the belly strap will sit) across the chest all the way around the opposite point, just behind the left front leg

This is your chest measurement

(see black strap in image below)


Girth Strap – Measure all the way around the dog, again just behind the front legs

This is your girth measurement

(see coloured strap in image below)



SMALL           straps 15mm; chest 29–37cm; girth 41– 55cm
MEDIUM        straps 20mm; chest 33–47cm; girth 52– 79cm
MED/LARGE   straps 25mm; chest 38–50cm; girth 63– 96cm
LARGE           straps 25mm; chest 45–63cm; girth 78–122cm


Harness can be used from the front (Black Strap) to help reduce pulling
From the back - great for using in the car


EASY to put on
NO neck pressure