About Us

Geeky Paws was founded in October 2015, it started with our own dogs at home, two Boxer boys and a Dalmatian girl. It was disheartening to see the lack of collar selection out in the market, especially for larger breeds.


Geeky paws wanted something unique and individual for dogs.

A huge focus was to make everything soft, while still being durable and strong.

We chose to use quilting cotton / polyester cotton on the outside of the collar, and use a strong polypropylene webbing on the inside, that is made here in Australia and sourced with the collar hardware at a local Adelaide saddlery store. This ensures a high level of quality in all our products. We are inspired to continue sourcing unique and different fabrics to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Geeky Paws can be found at a variety of dog events around Adelaide, keep an eye on Geeky Paws Facebook page for upcoming locations

Geeky paws appreciates all the support we have from our customers- without them Geeky Paws would not be here


All items are handmade and may vary slightly from the pictures – if unsure please contact Geeky Paws